What we offer

Our service is tailored to your needs. Its holistic approach merges compliance, risk management and corporate governance into sustainable solutions. A risk-based approach means using resources efficiently.

We manage regulatory projects, carry out investigations, support you with mergers and acquisitions, cover staff shortages, take over regulatory tasks, connect you with the professional that meets your requirements, train and coach your staff and share our expertise.

Our Services


Certain rules are only broken ones. Compliance is not about internal policing, but primarily a service that supports structuring businesses in line with regulations. The point hereby is to act rather than to react. We create efficient processes and define few but effective controls.

Compliance according to FATF & FINMA standards. Anti Money Laundering Act AMLA & CDB, SRO guidelines, client protection according to MiFID II & FIDLEG, FINIG, cross-border compliance, compliance remediation, internal & external investigations.


No risk, no business. But which risks are worth taking and which are not? Simple and efficient methods will help you taking strategic-sustainable decisions. We are providing the tools to manage your risks.

Risk management according to FINMA, ISO 31000, COSO standard. Internal control systems and process optimisation.


A company always has a culture. It is your decision which one.

Corporate Governance according to best-practice standards, FINMA regulations and individual goals. Promoting awareness in compliance and risk matters. Codes of conduct, solutions in case of conflict of interests and developing a whistleblowing platform.


Automation is real. With algorithms, regulatory requirements are fulfilled more quickly and more precisely. Thereby, resources are saved and risks reduced. The robo compliance officer is part of every state-of-the-art-company.

Automated implementation of regulatory requirements with algorithms and artificial intelligence, in cooperation with our IT system design partner.


You are thinking about building a blockchain application and are involuntarily forced to become a legal expert instead of an entrepreneur? We will take over regulatory tasks so you can concentrate on your core business.
Covering the role as AMLA Competence Center. Compliance strategy, token classification, outsourcing of compliance tasks such as investor due diligence, carrying out subordinations to FINMA and SRO and giving assistance when choosing and collaborating with banks. Internal control systems and risk management. Due diligence of ICOs.


Examine private clients with assets from the crypto space, ICOs and crypto funds thoroughly. Together we will define efficient, risk-based processes that will withstand a regulatory audit.

Definition of on-boarding processes of clients and assets from the crypto space, analysis of risk factors and thorough evaluation of transfer of assets.