Our promise

Quality combined with efficiency and business orientation. Compliance, risk management and corporate governance merged into targeted solutions. Committed to a risk-based approach and to deploying resources efficiently.

JayBee is the craftsman among compliance experts. Fast, efficient and precisely fitting.



Unintentionally turned from an entrepreneur to a compliance expert? We take over your AML special department or the whole risk & compliance department. Because your time is precious.

Based on an outsourcing mandate you hand over risk & compliance activities to JayBee. This includes in particular

  • Review of business transactions
  • Risk assessment and internal control system
  • Maintenance of directives
  • Reporting and notification requirements


Why complicate things when they can be simple? Our practical experience and expertise help you to find efficient processes, manage regulatory risks in a target-oriented manner and thus keep your compliance costs under control.

We advise in the following areas

  • Licensing
  • Compliance
  • Compliance for cryptocurrencies & fintech
  • Risk management and ICS
  • Corporate Governance

You may benefit in particular from our in-depth practical experience in the areas of compliance with cryptocurrencies and in the fintech sector. JayBee is one of the leading pioneers in this field, has excellent networks and teaches these topics at universities of applied sciences.


Do you really want to do it yourself? Ask us for the right skilled personnel. We are a well-connected and licensed staff lending & recruiting agency.

Immediately available experts in the areas of risk & compliance for

  • Bridging bottlenecks
  • Managing peaks
  • Temporary projects
  • As external manpower


Still paying for manual work? Automate the repetitive tasks. We find the best RegTech solutions for you and ensure their implementation. This allows your compliance experts to focus on those cases that need a subjective assessment.

We perform the following tasks with you

  • Selection of the appropriate solution
  • Risk-based adaptation to your business case
  • Parameterization
  • Internal training


You want to know more? Ask us. Our subject matter experts train your team, hold presentations and technical lectures, and teach at universities.

We share our expert knowledge in the following areas

  • Compliance
  • Compliance in cryptocurrencies and fintech
  • Risk management and ICS
  • Corporate governance


Risk Management and internal control system: Together with our IT Solution Partner midix.com, we implement a tool-based ICS or a comprehensive risk management system at your company.